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Visitors Insurance - Flu Shot FAQ

Visitors Insurance - Flu Shot FAQ

One of the most frequently asked question about the coverage in visitors insurance is about flu shot.

Is flu shot covered in visitors insurance?


Why not?

Preventive measures such as vaccinations are not covered in any of the visitors insurance. In fact, no short term health insurance plan will cover vaccinations.

If I get the flu and if I have visitors insurance, is that covered?

As long as it is a new medical condition that occurs after the effective date of the policy, it would be covered according to the terms and conditions of the insurance plan you have purchased. However, if you already have the flu before you decide to purchase visitors insurance, it will not be covered as it will be considered pre-existing condition and excluded.

Why don't insurance companies cover flu shots but they will cover flu treatment? Isn't it cheaper to just pay for the flu shot, rather than pay for the flu treatment? Prevention is better than cure, right?

It is understood that a flu shot will be cheaper than flu treatment, if you are just looking of the perspective from one person. However, any given person may or may not get the flu as it would be unexpected. On the other hand, everyone would need a flu shot as it would be expected and known. Therefore, paying for everyone's flu shot would still be a lot more expensive than paying for a few people's flu treatment. Visitors insurance plans are meant to cover something unexpected and unknown.

If I want to have a flu shot, where can I get it?

You can visit any physician and pay out of your pocket.

Alternatively, you can visit many of the pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid etc. or Wal-Mart, Costco etc.) and similar places and pay out of your pocket. Typically, flu shots at such places only cost $15 to $20.

You don't really need to buy any insurance just for this purpose.

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