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International Long Term Group Major Medical Insurance

International Long Term Group Major Medical Insurance

International Long Term Group Major Medical Insurance

Do you have employees located outside the United States? If the majority of your employees are expatriates living and working outside of the United States, you want long term major medical insurance to cover them and we can help you protect your employees abroad.

Don't chance living abroad without long term international group medical insurance.

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Are you a multinational company?

International long term group major medical insurance is very important to multinational companies.

More and more employers are sending their employees on foreign assignments. Therefore, it is critical that they be covered abroad by a portable health insurance that would cover them in various countries. If they just purchase local health insurance, the coverage won’t be portable if they are later assigned to a different a country. Moreover, if adequate treatment is not available in a given country, they won't be able to go to another country to receive the treatment they need.

Individual expat health insurance plans have their own limitations, as they may not provide the coverage for pre-existing conditions or flexibility in terms of benefits may not be available. However, in a group health insurance, as the insurance company is pooling the risk of healthy and unhealthy persons, they can provide greater coverage and still be profitable. Generally, group health insurance plans would cost less compared to their individual health insurance plan equivalents.

Expat group health insurance plans are medically underwritten. This allows you to choose from a wide variety of included medical coverage and coverage areas, including worldwide coverage. Employers have the ultimate flexibility to decide what coverage they want included.

Providing your employees with expat group medical insurance will give them peace of mind knowing they are covered and it would help employers recruit and retain the most suitable staff for their international business needs. Another benefit for the employer? It is much easier to administer a single plan for everyone compared to separate plans for each individual expat employee.

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