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Repatriation of Remains Coverage FAQ

Repatriation of Remains Coverage FAQ

Most travel insurance plans include coverage for repatriation of remains, which is transportion of the remains of the deceased insured person back to their home country. Additionally, some visitors insurance plans also cover local cremation or burial.

Coordinating the arrangements and getting approval from the insurance company may take some time. However, in my culture we cremate the body within a few hours of death. Therefore, we don't have much time to do all that. Can we make our own arrangements and then file for reimbursement with the insurance company later?

No. All arrangements must be done through and approved by the insurance company for any benefits to be available.

We have already cremated my father's body. Can the insurance company pay for the transportation of the ashes to the home country?

Yes, provided all the terms and conditions of the insurance policy are met.

I don't want to send my mother's ashes on its own. I would like to accompany them. Will the insurance company pay for my airline ticket?

No. Family members have no benefits under the insured's visitors insurance policy. You will have to make your own travel arrangements.

It is customary in the Hindu religion to disburse ashes in Ganga River at Haridwar, India. Will the insurance company pay for the travel expenses for me to go there to do the rituals?


I had purchased the visitors insurance plan with a $100,000 policy maximum. My father passed away and we made the cremation arrangements on our own. Can we claim the $100,000 from the insurance company?

No. The $100,000 policy maximum is the medical maximum that the insurance company would have paid in case the insured person had become sick or injured while traveling outside their home country. The policy maximum is not a life insurance benefit. Therefore there would not be a death benefit payout.

My mother who was visiting the U.S. passed away and she had visitors insurance. However, my father is still in India. We would like to cremate my mother in the U.S. We would like to bring my father to the U.S. so that he can attend her funeral. Will the insurance company pay for his travel expenses?


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